Warm climate for a short time?


Our weather has been splendid for the last couple weeks, with even some much-needed rain last weekend. Things are still muddy and dead-looking, but the trails are scattered with locals out taking their first-of-the-year hikes.

This is my favorite time of the year around town. It's just before the clouds of visitors come, but the weather is soooo inviting. Shopkeepers on Main Street are so cheerfully sweeping in front of their shops, waving at their neighbor/competitors in unbridled optimism. It's just a joy-filled time to reward us for all the back-breaking grinding work that "the season" brings. NOT THAT ANY OF US ARE COMPLAINING!


We Are Extreme

So I click on a random “amazing people” youtube link, and what’s the first scene? MOAB! I should never be surprised when it comes to adventurers in this area. The opening scene is probably the same footage that inspired a number of bungee jumpers to go off Corona Arch. Make this one full frame!

Timp Point, north rim of the Grand Canyon [casualty]

I know I’m late reporting this, but I just found a sad news clip from project leaders of a new GRCA MTB trail. Originally, the idea was:

The USFS and IMBA are planning a trailwork session on the Rainbow Rim Trail, this work will include constructing a new section of trail. Ride and camp out at Timp Point on Saturday October 12th, trail work will be on Sunday October 13th. More details to follow.

The followup post on their facebook page consists of:

I’m sorry to report that due to the gov shut down, the Rainbow Rim trail work event will be postponed until spring 2014. Thanks to everyone that was planning on attending, I hope you can join us when we reschedule:(


Sorry folks, as Melissa said, we have to postpone the trailwork session on the Rainbow Rim Trail for now, due to the government shutdown. We’ll send out an update with a rescheduled date, likely in 2014. Thanks.

Autumn Countdown

autumn4378This is a magical time of year around here when the pace slows, weather becomes interesting, trees become prettier and the tourist become fewer but more appreciative. They can sense the mystical, spiritual power embedded in this land. We residents transform into sages, philosophizing and praying to our closest spiritual guides.

The Mean Streets of Moab

Beware of road construction. It's Orange Cone Season!Well, it looks like we get more road construction and repair on Main Street in the middle of tourism season. To be fair, there’s probably worse times to have this done. Didn’t we recently have Main Street torn up and replaced with cement pavement? I am curious on where we will get to squeeze into one lane this June. Here’s the official statement:


Moab Main Street Project Update: 5/28/2013

Construction Information:

The project recently went to bid, and the contract was awarded to the W.W. Clyde Construction Companies. This project is scheduled to begin on or after July 29th of this year.

We will send out additional construction information as it becomes available.

Project Description:

Two separate sections of Moab Main Street will have two inches of old pavement removed and replaced with new pavement. The road will not be widened, and one lane will remain open in each direction through the construction zones.

The existing curbs and gutters will remain in place, and some pedestrian ramps will be added.

The northern section of the project extends from 200 North to milepost 126.29 (by the Inca Inn).

The southern section of the project extends from 300 South to Holyoak Lane. There will be no Main Street construction from 200 North to 300 South.

For More Information:

Please contact:
Scott Henriksen
Moab Main Street Asphalt Sections
Public Information Manager
Toll-Free Hotline: 1-855-307-9363
Email: moabmain@gmail.com

October is the most awesome time, especially in Moab.

Moab is high desert – 4240 ft. elevation. Surrounded by red rock cliffs, rising 1,800 feet above the valley floor, it can be raining on one side of town and sunny on the other. Happens all the time. Summer is 100+ and winter has been sub-zero. When you average it out, we have a 70 degree climate. Tourism season is February to November. Then it calms down.