“Being Kind is Cool”

Angel_sizedI just couldn't help it. I know this link isn't "Moab" but it touched me. When we feel sorry for ourselves for some reason, we should visit this world and do something in it. Seems every little act of generosity in this little neighborhood is visible, if not magnified. Thought I'd take you out of your bubble. There's a man out there, occupational therapist by day, photographer of the exiled at night, doing something. Enjoy getting out of your funk…


Nectar of the Gods

We love to juice vegetables here. I took this picture because the person I wanted to taste the juice wasn’t there before the raw materials were there. Juice tastes so much better when you see what goes into it. Fresh, bright healthy plants taste so good…

Year-End update and the new year

winterrocksWe’ve been out of touch for the winter, but let me tell you, it was cold! I saw it as cold as -17 out by the airport, and -10 on my porch. Now February is a different story, warming up to the mid 40s with clear blue sky. Optimistic shop owners are sweeping off their sidewalks and waving greetings to each other. I love this time of year!